5 Things you probably do not know about AWS

5 Things you probably do not know about AWS

AWS – Amazon Web Services  is a cloud services platform that has a broad set of infrastructure services. It is used by millions of customers around the world who enjoy their great features. But not only that: there are things you do not know about AWS that motivate your use. Want to know which ones? Come on!

1. In just 10 years, AWS has completely transformed technology services

In 2006, Amazon launched two rather simple services: “renting” computers per hour and “renting” computer storage per hour. Is it a familiar concept to you? Certainly because it was the embryo of cloud computing, at the time called grid computing or utility computing.

Today, AWS goes far beyond these services. The client has more than 70 Amazon service options, including networks, databases, analytics, software and mobile devices.

The impact of the advent of AWS-led cloud computing was enormous. In addition to stimulating the mobile computing revolution, it supports the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

2. In 10 years, it hosts 27% of online services

Data from 2016 pointed out that AWS was the same size as the other competitors combined (Microsoft, IBM, Google and Salesforce), and has datacenters located in several geographical regions of the world.

AWS owns 27% of the total cloud hosting service industry. There are more than one million customers, including some 600 government agencies around the world. It has a turnover of approximately US $ 6 billion per year.

Giant companies, such as Reddit, Netflix, NASA and Expedia, have passed their applications to AWS.

3. Initially, AWS was designed to be used only internally by Amazon

Andy Jassy, ​​CEO of the platform, says that AWS has developed out of necessity to meet Amazon’s internal demands. In 2000, Amazon was a very different company nowadays, being just an e-commerce company that dealt with scalability issues.

These issues forced the company to build some of the more robust internal systems to deal with the excessive growth it was experiencing, and that laid the foundation for what would become AWS.

4. AWS billing is the most innovative in the world when it comes to IT infrastructure

AWS solutions are charged in the “pay as you go” format. The calculation is made by the configuration of the machines or solutions contracted, including the hours of use. This avoids idle applications and services.

Imagine that the IT team works 8 hours a day, at which time services and applications will be used. In the other 16 hours, they will be idle, but will not stop generating costs for the company unnecessarily. The same goes for testing environments.

These planning, topology, and architecture errors weigh heavily on the company’s financial resources, so it’s worth having “pay for use” solutions when it comes to IT infrastructure.

5. Professionals specializing in AWS

The cloud computing market is growing in Brazil. According to data from Locaweb Corp. , 20% only in 2017. Since AWS is the leading service provider in the market, it will be increasingly used. As a result, demand for the AWS Specialized Cloud Professional will also increase significantly.

A company can only take advantage of cloud computing if it helps them strategically analyze their data management. The Cloud Professional will be responsible for assisting in structuring the cloud by operating it and leveraging it to drive business while reducing costs and developing innovative IT solutions.

Proof of this is the 2016 The New York Times report , which outlined the search for new and old tech companies by the Professional Cloud. General Electric hired 1500 system engineers and software developers. Huawei has increased its search for qualified cloud professionals. Rede Globo implemented a big-time project, which was even awarded by the IBC.

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