Google imitates Apple with technology to connect Bluetooth devices

Google imitates Apple with technology to connect Bluetooth devices

Fast Pair makes the process of connecting headset to cellphone simpler, for example. Technology is compatible with Android and Chrome OS. The new version of Fast Pair, Google’s fast Bluetooth connection technology , will allow your devices to connect automatically as long as they use the same account on Android and Chrome OS platforms . The idea is that you can use a Bluetooth headset on your phone and automatically connect it to a Chromebook , for example, without the need to pair the accessory.

Overall, the Fast Pair will work in a way similar to what Apple does with AirPods , which allow you to instantly connect to any Apple cell phone, computer, and watch, as long as they are all linked to the same iCloud / Apple account ID.

Fast Pair will work by pairing the Bluetooth device with the account you use to activate it for the first time on any Android device. From there, the connection of this device will be automatic whenever it is within reach of the Bluetooth of an Android gadget (or with Chrome OS in 2019) that is using the same account, simplifying its life and potentially eliminating the need to connect manually and pair devices all the time.

Despite the obvious use with headphones, the Fast Pair can also be applied to other Bluetooth accessories.

The technology requires, in addition to versions of the operating system that support it, that you use the same account on various devices with Google systems, but also depends on the products being compatible. In an official note, Google explains that Jaybird’s Tarah headphones are the first on the market to support the Fast Pair. New releases are expected soon.

According to the official blog, the technology update arrives for smartphones and tablets running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) as well as for Chromebooks that receive Chrome OS updates throughout 2019.

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